Microblading: $550

The best cosmetic tattooing techniques using a manual handheld tool that is made up of tiny needles to deposit organic semi-permanent ink into the upper region of the dermis. Dannie Ho uses this handheld tool to create hair-like strokes or feather touches to the skin giving you the look you have always wanted.

Ombre Shading: $450

The newest trend in microblading. Ombre shading is the marriage between using superb cosmetic tattooing techniques and organic pigments to create a soft shaded brow pencil look. After healing, you will simply put have a more natural looking color. This can be customized to your desires.

Micro-shading: $450

We use a cosmetic tattooing technique to create brows with a gradient appearance. You will get the perfect “shadow effect”, which is a mixture of many pin-point dots. After a week, the block of color will fade and leave a soft and lighter looking brow. Most clients require a touch up after four weeks to acquire the perfect look. This is recommended for clients with sensitive skin, oily skin or large pores and as always, we use organic ink.

Eyeliner Shading:

Upper: $250, Lower: $150, Both: $400 We use cosmetic tattooing techniques to implant organic pigment to your eyeliner.

Lip Blushing: $550

We use cosmetic tattooing techniques on the lips to give your lips a natural look. Colors are chosen based on your desired results. We always strive for the most natural looking lips with our organic pigments.

Touch Up Service Using Organic Inks:

After 1 month: $50

After 2 month: $100

After 6 months $200.